Zoroastrianism – A General Summary of the Religion

Zoroastrianism, also known as Mazdaism, and Zarathustra was at one time among the world’s largest religions.  Founded between 1200 – 600 BCE by Zarathustra, Zoroastrianism was Iran’s (Persia) majority religion for numerous centuries.  If not for the invasion of Alexander the Great in 330 BCE, one might say it may have remained the State’s religion.  Islam did however; overtake the nation’s majority religion from the 7th century on. 

Ahura Mazda, the creator of the universe and mankind is “all good” and has absolutely “no evil” originating from him.  Also within the religion, both qualities of good and evil have specific sources.  Evil (drui) is in constant battle with truth, righteousness, or asha, attempting to annihilate it, and good putting up the defense, creating Ahura Mazda’s (God) annihilation of evil (drui).  Zoroastrianism is a closed canon with a good many of its original scriptures lost when Alexander the Great initially all but destroyed the religion.  The religion promises salvation to those who follow the truth based religion.  The primary collection (Bible) of the sacred texts is called the Avesta, and instructs those who follow the faith to seek out asha (truth).  It also teaches that Ahura Mazda is good and Angre Mainyu is a “finite evil entity or lie” that mankind must overcome.  Mazda makes Spiritual designs through guardian angels or Fravushi and his worldly plans are executed through humans.

The afterlife is made up of two possible endings, either in or without asha.  One crosses the Bridge of the Separator and enters the Abode of Songs in asha, or enters the House of Lies and exits without asha. 

Zoroastrianism has approximately 250,000 followers today, with 80% residing within the country of India and the remaining within other various countries including The United States.  The following are various beliefs within Zoroastrianism:

  1. The Supreme and Universal God:  Ahura Mazda is the Supreme and Universal, omniscient, and omnipotent God that is asha (truth) and stands for justice, purity, honesty, and is the creator of all things.
  2. Polytheism:  The Zoroastrians believe that Ahura Mazda is the supreme God however; there are other gods that assist the supreme God with keeping the evil in the universe under control.  There are six Amesha Spentas (immortal Beings) that represent Mazda’s good qualities along with other angels and lords to assist Mazda in his quest to conquer evil.
  3. The duality of existence: 

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