Zooomr Announces New Funding Round

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This new round of funding enables Zooomr to open it’s doors to the general public sooner than anticipated.

Zooomr, an automotive tech startup, is pleased to announce a new round of funding with Brand Labs. This new round of funding will accelerate the rate of platform development and other objectives. Zooomr is currently in closed beta – and is one of the few companies to allow consumers to lease their next car online. With it’s closed beta running successfully, Zooomr is poised to launch to the general public in Q4 of 2017.

Maxinder Soni, CEO of Zooomr mentioned, “We anticipate launching in NYC and Los Angeles soon. With these two cities being such big hubs, it makes total sense for us to perfect the process in our closed-beta, and then unveil it to consumers in two of the biggest cities in the USA.”

In addition to raising funds to accelerate growth, Zooomr is pleased to announce the appointment of Brand Labs CEO Alexander “Sasha” Aksenov, to its Board of Directors.

“We’re excited that Brand Labs recognizes Zooomr’s potential and has joined, both as a funder, and as an advisor. Brand Labs is more than investor for us, it’s a partner who can guide us in implementing a brand communication strategy. We’re offering a never before seen product, and Brand Labs experience in automotive marketing will be critical,” said Maxinder.

Zooomr enables consumers to avoid going to dealerships completely. Using a smartphone or computer, consumers can virtualize the entire car leasing experience. Consumers can lease their new car from the comfort of their home. Consumers visit Zooomr, and find the exact car they want. Zooomr assigns a specialist, who locates the vehicle through it’s vast dealer network. All aspects of paperwork, negotiation, are done virtually through Zooomr’s dashboard. Clients never step foot into a dealership, and their car is delivered to their home.

This unmatched convenience, comes second to the fact Zooomr gives consumers amazing prices. In almost all cases, consumers get prices they’d never be able to negotiate themselves.

Zooomr’s consumer experience can be condensed into three steps.

Find Your Car: Consumers find and build the car they would like….

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