YouTube Star Randy Rainbow Brings Sass to His Trump Bashing

He took an elevator upstairs and found a place to sit in a poolside lounge by a big, trickling marble fountain surrounded by guests relaxed in various states of dress. “I would definitely not do well on the staff with the people this place attracts,” he said.

Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump, Part II Video by Randy Rainbow

Mr. Rainbow, 35, who uses his own video equipment, home computer and wit for his politically sassy videos — in which he pretends to interview and insult the president and his coterie before breaking into song — took a moment to look at a headline in The Washington Post on his phone. “Jared Kushner finally spoke,” he read. “The internet can’t stop mocking his voice.”

He put in his earbuds and listened to the video while cocking his head like a myna. “He sounds like a boy giving a bar mitzvah speech,” he said in a voice that can sound both boffo and feminine when he belts. “But it’s good to know that we can sing in the same key in case we have to do a duet.” He also agreed that he and Mr. Kushner resemble each other.


Mr. Rainbow outside the Trump Soho hotel.

Christopher Gregory for The New York Times

“News like this is why I can’t ever have a day off these days,” he said.

Although Mr. Rainbow has been making comic videos for seven years, his YouTube channel took off with Mr. Trump’s presidential bid; his Facebook following went from 12,000 to half a million soon after.

A sample joke from one of his fake Trump interviews last August: “People magazine is calling you and Vladimir Putin the hottest celebrity couple of the summer. Are you guys dating and when did the relationship start?” Or this zinger in a recent video in response to Mr. Trump calling James Comey a showboat: “Those are pretty harsh words coming from the Titanic.”

Now Mr. Rainbow is in…

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