Youth with a Future Workshop 2017 Fundraising

With their summer workshop for 2017, Youth with a Future aims to assist 15inner city children in exploring their potential and exposing them to wonderful opportunities that can lend themselves towards providing them with a better future! As a not-for-profit organization, Youth with a Future relies mostly on donations, and aims to raise up to $30,000 for the purposes of this workshop.

The workshop will consist of leadership training and an internship opportunity, centered on a visit to the metropolitan city of Washington, DC. With this workshop, Youth with a Future aims to help instill a sense of responsibility and self-reliance in these young kids, helping them by giving them a bolster to work on developing themselves.

The program will feature a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, giving young individuals a chance to not only connect to their roots, but also procure knowledge on the history and the role of the African American community as a whole.

One of the organizers for the Youth with a Future workshop 2017 further elaborated on the details, stating, “With this program, we’re aiming to combine a bit of both learning and fun—the best way to get young kids to pay attention! With a tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, as well as a theater performance followed shortly thereafter, the kids will get a memorable experience that is both exciting and educational.

Those in the leadership training program will be undergoing a 4 week internship, and will also spend their time with us working on a book that will be published by Amazon, titled “African American and Latinos that were Transformational Leaders”. This workshop is certainly an opportunity that will inspire and serve to nurture their potential.”

Workshops like these are integral…

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