Youth Ministry Resources – Stop Creating Resources For Your Ministry by David Blythe

Youth Ministry Resources – Stop Creating Resources For Your Ministry
 by: David Blythe

I was sitting in my office the other day and had an interesting thought about youth ministry resources. If I never created another game or sermon for my students, would that make me a bad student pastor? Possibly, after all you do have to listen to God’s leading of what He would have you to do every day. But I can say with great confidence that I believe it is very likely that the answer to that question is no. No you would not be a bad student pastor if you stopped creating materials. Here’s why.

It is very likely that your gifts in ministry are something besides creating games, sermons, studies, etc. for your students. However there are people out there who have been gifted in that exact area, creating youth ministry resources. There are creative people and incredible writers who are using their gifts and talents everyday. Since we are the body of Christ, we should fulfill our part of the body and let others use their gifts and talents to reach the body also. Stop trying to be a foot if you are a hand. Get the idea?

Also, the real mark in your student’s lives is going to be the relationships you build with them. Yes, the materials will help to guide and grow those relationships, but the biggest piece will be your time. Your listening ear and caring heart will go a lot farther than you could ever imagine. Those relationships will change one life at a time and in turn just might change the world.

Let’s rethink just exactly what is important in ministry. Let’s reconsider what our role, as a student pastor should be. Yes our job descriptions is going to guide much of what you have to do, but where you can alleviate some of your load, do it. Free yourself up for your family and your students. Getting your youth ministry resources from somewhere else may be a great place to start.

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