Your favourite coffee, in your favourite paper cup

Coffee, a flavoured brewed beverage, originated from Ethiopia, has become a part of the daily life for many. People need it at the breakfast table for a fresh start and sometimes as a dessert. For some, it is a stress buster while the others go, “oh! I can’t do without coffee.” Yeah, coffee has become that important.

People often have a preference for a certain variety of coffee, some like it black, some prefer cappuccino of which again a lot of variety exists while some like it real creamy. Well, don’t be surprised to hear that people also have preferences of what they are drinking their favourite coffee in. Keeping this in mind, there is a variety of coffee cups available in the market. Some have pictures of favourite cartoon characters or actors while offices prefer their logos on theirs. You can also have your customized ones with your personal quotes or pictures imprinted on them.

An Australian company named Coffee Cups and Lids manufactures hundred percent recyclable and disposable coffee cups. The company focuses on manufacturing a variety of paper coffee cups which are excellent and candid by nature. Made of hundred percent local products and affordably priced, the company manufactures a range of products:

•  Single wall cup in white, plain colours and logo prints.

•  Double wall disposable coffee cups in white, plain colours and logo prints.

•  Milkshake and cold cups in white, plain colours and logo prints.

•  Ice cream cups in white, plain colours and logo prints.

•  Medicinal cups available in white only.

•  Food containers in white, plain colours and logo prints.

•  Lids of various sizes which are suitable for the above mentioned type of cups.

Although it manufactures a range of products, there must be a reason why Coffee cups and Lids have been named so. They produce a wide variety of tailor made, durable and safe paper coffee cups for sale in plain colours and prints. They are readily available and come with a lot of benefits.

1)  Capacious coffee cups

(a)  In white:  These are durable and offer superior cushioning, perfect for imprinting your own logo and also for takeaways. Suitable lids are available.

(b)  With a ‘café’ logo: These are also durable with superior cushioning and are perfect for takeaways, especially espressos. Suitable lids are available.

2)  Coffee cups with a heat barrier:  Available in three convenient sizes and in plain white colour, these cups come with great features and superior…

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