Your Choices of the Best Printed Marketing Materials

Whatever type of business you are running, it is clear that you have the same objective as with other business owners. And that is to get the most return for you marketing dollars.

These days, it is easy to be impressed by the latest trends in online marketing. However, business printing and printed marketing materials still have an important role in any successful marketing campaigns, thanks to their tangible and measurable results.

In order to get the best results in marketing, you need to carefully choose the best tool to carry your message across the right audience. If you are having quite a hard time thinking which material is best to order from a business printing company, here is a list of the most common print marketing pieces you can choose from:

The advantage of a brochure is that it is ideal for every purpose. It can be read right on the spot or kept for browsing at a later time. It can also be mailed or passed along to any person. You can use a brochure when you want to provide an overview of basic information about your company, product or brand. It is also useful for attracting new customers and driving visitors to your website.

Business Card
No other business printing piece can say more about your company than your business card. You can include your card in direct mailings and correspondences. Make sure have plenty to spare every time you go to meetings, presentations, conferences, trade shows, and social or business gatherings. Your business card should include all the details a recipient might need to get in touch with you. Aside from your name, title and the name of your company name, be sure to include your complete address, phone and mobile numbers as well as your email address and website. For added impact, you may also include you company logo and tag line.

This material is commonly used if you need to showcase a wide array of products. It can also be used for conveying quite a lot of information. Generally, full color catalogs provide you with plenty of room for text and imagery, so it really is ideal for introducing multiple products. Its user-friendly format allows you to distinguish your offerings from the competition. Catalogs usually mailed out to customers, distributed at trade shows or designed to be part of a company’s sales kit.

A flyer is a simple, cost-effective marketing material that is perfect for promoting an event or announcing a sale. Although not really intended for a long life span, it…

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