‘Younger’ star Nico Tortorella talks polyamory, hallucinogens and Hollywood

Though he grew up in a traditional Italian-Catholic family in the straight-laced Chicago suburbs, actor Nico Tortorella bucked convention from the start. 

“Even when I was a hockey player, it was always a show for me. I would score a goal and throw my gloves out over the glass — there was so much flair,” laughs the rakish 28-year-old, who stars in the sleeper-hit series “Younger.”

Indeed, whether it’s revealing his tattoos in shirtless Instagram posts to more than 300,000 followers, outing his alter-ego drag queen (Almond Milk), opening up about sex and relationships on his podcast “The Love Bomb,” or dishing with Alexa in a trendy coffee shop near his Williamsburg home — Tortorella isn’t afraid to share.

The son of bar owners, he spent his teens acting in Chicago theatrical productions before moving to LA. “I literally didn’t know a single person in Los Angeles,” he recalls. “Breaking into this industry is one in a billion in the first place, especially if there’s no nepotism involved — you get told ‘no’ over and over again.”

Sutton Foster (left) and Tortorella star together in “Younger” on TV Land.

But he managed to bounce from Ashton Kutcher’s short-lived “The Beautiful Life” (a show about aspiring models) to Wes Craven’s franchise-ending “Scream 4” to Fox’s gory “The Following.”

Tortorella’s big break came when he landed TV Land’s “Younger” (created by Darren Star of “Sex and the City” fame). On the show — which debuted in 2015 and returns for a fourth season on Wednesday — he plays Josh, the handsome hipster boyfriend of Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old who pretends to be in her 20s to score a job in book publishing. 

The actor is also making scenes in real life. Last June, he drew attention for revealing he is sexually “fluid.”

“I fall somewhere under the bisexual umbrella,” Tortorella explains. Previously paired with hairstylist Kyle Krieger and actress Olesya…

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