Young Socialites Conjure the Ghost of Leonard Bernstein at the Dakota

Inspired by the many artists who have called the Dakota home, and spurred by their own substantial arts philanthropy, these millennial billion-heirs have taken to hosting séances that are attended by their fashionable set of well-connected peers.

“I do believe in ghosts,” said Ms. Milstein, who, with her Instagram-ready look and tremendous means, exemplifies a new generation of philanthropist: the social justice warrior princess. “I may have watched far too many ghost TV programs, but I think there’s nothing wrong with believing in ghosts.”

Mr. Milstein, a finely curated man, added, “This is an apartment within a building that is so steeped in history that it’s impossible not to acknowledge the past.”

At the stroke of 5 p.m., a doorbell announced the arrival of Princess Noor Pahlavi, 24, a daughter of Iran’s exiled crown prince, Reza Pahlavi, and granddaughter of the late shah. She brought cheese.

“Mama Noor! Literally!” Ms. Milstein said, expressing delight at the gift.

“I had to get really Persian,” said the princess, who was wearing a short black leather Mugler dress and Saint Laurent heels. “It’s just, like, so controlling to bring food.”


Toby and Larry Milstein, second and third from right, singing with their guests. The apartment was once owned by the composer Leonard Bernstein.

Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

“I think Jews can appreciate that as well,” Ms. Milstein replied.

The other guests included two of Ms. Milstein’s former classmates at Barnard College, Sarah Pierce and Julia Pissarro, a great-granddaughter of the Impressionist painter, both 24; Eli Rivkin, 23, Mr. Milstein’s boyfriend and a Yale classmate, who is the son of a former ambassador to France; Maddy Bohrer, 24, an artist; and Ben Piper, 32, and Paul Peglar, 33, who are musicians.

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