You are exactly where you’re meant to be

Have you ever had that feeling, things aren’t going to plan? You wish you’d taken a different course in life? Perhaps if you’d got better grades at school, stuck it out at that job or stayed in that relationship, things would be better?

I’ve experienced such feelings on numerous occasions throughout my life. My mind wanders endlessly examining scenarios I could have taken, allowing me a more fulfilling life. That type of thinking, however usually shows up when I’m facing inner turmoil. My ego believes it knows what’s best for me; oh how wrong it can be at times!

The truth of the matter is this – the present moment is perfect. You are in the perfect place right now. The need to beat yourself up, re-examining how things could have been different, is ego getting its way. You chose a life path which has led you to this moment – acceptance is the first step toward fulfilment.

The Western view suggests you are in control of your life based on the choices you make. The Eastern view proposes the opposite – we are mere puppets in this purposeful universe – everything is preordained or destined.

An alternative spiritual view suggests that 65% of our lives are destined whilst 35% is through wilful action. My purpose in emphasising these points of view is to provide you with an alternative stance. My personal belief is the later. I believe a large portion of our lives are predestined; thus having wilful control to overwrite our destiny.

Predetermined destiny may include such things as what family you are born to; whom you’ll marry (if you choose to); major illnesses; major life occurrences etc. It constitutes the principal aspects of one’s life, while wilful action is being a co-creator within the overall plan.

Adopting this way of thinking frees you from the need to question and analyse every decision you make. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now! You’re ability to change any internal or external condition is made through awareness and understanding. The ability to create your future arises through your willingness to let go of the past and how the future should be. In doing so, you allow the undertaking of all future possibilities to occur by being present and aware.

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