Yankees Get Some Zest, Courtesy of Frazier and Frazier

Todd, 31, a third baseman, is the buzz-cut bro from down on the Jersey Shore, an incessant chatterbox who was once dubbed Smalls because the bill of his cap is perpetually tilted up like the character in the movie “Sandlot.” Clint, 23, is a swaggering Southerner, an outfielder with a quick-trigger bat who plays as if his flaming-red hair is indeed on fire.

They make for an intriguing pair.

“When we got Todd, I said, any relation?” first baseman Greg Bird said. “I was kind of joking. He said, ‘no, no, no.’ But it’s like big brother, little brother.”

“They’re like long-lost brothers,” outfielder Brett Gardner said.

They are also not the only two Fraziers in Yankee history. There was a third — George — a reliever who is basically remembered for losing three games in the 1981 World Series.

Clint Frazier and Todd Frazier, however, seem to be carving a more zest-filled path in New York than George did, even if Clint appears uncertain to make this year’s postseason roster and Todd — soon to be a free agent — appears uncertain to return to the Bronx in 2018.

Already, each of them has stirred it up when it appeared they might be interested in wearing Yankee uniform numbers that are out of commission — Mickey Mantle’s retired No. 7 for Clint and Paul O’Neill’s unofficially retired No. 21 for Todd. Clint settled for No. 77, Todd for No. 29.

Clint, before he had even played a game in the big leagues, created attention last winter for his social media exchanges with Bryce Harper, whom the Yankees have long eyed, and for his flouting of the Yankees’ policy prohibiting long hair. (Clint’s hair is now neatly shorn.)

Then, when he did arrive in New York, the younger Frazier homered in his first game and played well enough that Jacoby Ellsbury, despite his $155 million contract, was sent to the bench. But Clint injured his oblique in early August, missed a month and has played sparingly since returning on Sept. 12.

Meanwhile, Todd has been an everyday presence since his trade from the Chicago White Sox, hitting 11 home runs, giving the Yankees improved defense at third base and lately finding himself — sometimes unwittingly — in the middle of story lines.

It was Todd Frazier who picked up on the disgruntled Mets fan flashing a thumbs-down sign while the Yankees were beating Tampa Bay in a series relocated to Citi Field. Frazier made the gesture into a team ritual and now, whenever a…

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