Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X Offers Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano Experience in a Compact Digital Upright

Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X

Yamaha today announced the AvantGrand NU1X, the successor to its highly successful NU1 upright hybrid piano. Major upgrades over the NU1, which Keyboard magazine described in June 2013 as “the new gold standard in a self-contained but compact acoustic piano replacement,” elevate the playing experience to a level of quality unprecedented in an instrument of this form factor.

Like the NU1 before it, the NU1X is built upon the legacy of the U1, the most widely used acoustic upright piano in the world (In fact, Yamaha has built more U1 units than most other piano manufacturers have built across their entire product lines). The NU1X joins the growing family of instruments bearing the moniker of AvantGrand, the company’s flagship line of hybrid pianos that combine the tuning stability and maintenance-free operation of a digital piano with the musicality and realism of an acoustic grand.

First among the refinements in the new NU1X is the sound. The NU1X improves upon the NU1’s multi-samples of the critically acclaimed Yamaha CFX concert grand even further, while adding a companion world-class piano, the mighty Bösendorfer Imperial. These are reproduced via a pair of 16cm woofers and 1.9cm tweeters (all front-facing), with the inside of the NU1X being a unified enclosure with specially designed acoustic chambering to enhance natural reverberation as on an acoustic piano, not to mention providing bass response that does justice to the presence and thunder of the nine-foot source pianos. This is further enhanced by “tone escape” ports on the rear, which give a sense of the sound reflecting from whatever wall the instrument is likely to be placed against. Thanks to the company’s prominent expertise in acoustic sampling, the core sounds and onboard speaker system were not merely “bolted on” to one another, but engineered from the ground up as an organic whole. The purpose: To give an utterly convincing sense of the plethora of tones of which a piano can blend naturally in the air, as they do on the genuine acoustic article.

Great sound demands great feel, and the NU1X delivers with a real acoustic upright hammer action that is far more grand-like in its response than that of the NU1,…

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