Yale-Educated African American Attorney Shares the Truth About Being Black in the Corporate World

“Invisible Ink” book cover

Giving up might be justified, but we do not give up, and, with determination and the support of others, we keep our perspectives and live to triumph.

Author Stephen M. Graham is pleased to announce today the publication of his inaugural literary offering, “INVISIBLE INK: Navigating Racism in Corporate America.” Described as a “must read” by one reviewer who wrote that Graham “brilliantly captured the feelings of fear, dismay, anger, self-doubt, shock, numbness and never-ending mind trickery, we [African Americans in the corporate world] go through just trying to do our jobs.”

“Invisible Ink” recounts Graham’s experiences with bias and racism in corporate America against a background of prejudice in the larger society. Unlike racially motivated violence or overt bigotry, racism in the business world is usually subtle, often going undetected unless coaxed to the surface. Such racism is insidious and deeply ingrained in corporate America. Succeeding in this world means battling prejudice on a daily basis, while many white colleagues maintain racial bias doesn’t exist or is of little consequence. Graham’s personal stories reveal the ever-changing contours of a racial bias that denigrates and demeans through continuous, low-grade attacks, grinding down its victims over time.

The author’s hard-hitting commentary regarding a world lacking in true diversity sites an example: “of the 50,000 partners in major corporate law firms, only 1.8% are African American, and fewer than that are equity partners.” This is played out in an environment where African Americans are continuously subjected to a debilitating undercurrent of bias that too many, on both sides of the…

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