Writing your first novel with a novel software

Writing your first novel is very challenging. This is when you discover that you don’t really know so much. Most new novelists normally learned to write a novel after reading many good books in their genre over many years and slowly absorbing the tips and tricks of how to write a novel. Recently however with novel software the learning period for a new novelist can become really short – just the time needed to learn the use of fiction writer’s software. The reading habit unfortunately has suffered as a result of TV and film and this has made the old custom of learning to write by reading then writing nearly impracticable for many. 

A faster path to getting published

Upon deciding to use novel software you will step into a template the program assigns basing on your story type and the options you feed into it. You are then sure that you are adopting sound plotting techniques from that moment on. And that the novel stands a chance to succeed, if, that is, everything else is okay and that you see it through. For beginners this self-assurance in itself is supremely important. Not many of us can afford a good critic or mentor these days, even from among our friends! People are much too busy.

Working in novel software you follow the path of the masters

In times gone by, novelists crafted their books relying on sense and intuition by and large, a lot of the time through trial and error – a tough routine to endure. For the beginning novelist these days, experts have come up with novel writing software by researching the bestselling fiction ever written and cracking some codes to produce templates for any genre you can imagine. Using this software you learn from the experts and the bestselling novelists past and present how to write a novel.

Using novel software equates to saving time

Here is how it goes: you step into a story template that has already been laid out in accordance with the best plotting techniques and all you need is follow it through! This of…

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