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Fiction writers traditionally learned the art through reading the best novels and over a period of many years finding out how to write a novel. But with the advent of fiction writing software the whole process has been condensed considerably and learning the craft of fiction today may only mean spending a little time to learn to use novel software. Still, today with more and more people dreaming to one day write a novel, learning the craft has never been tougher. There is less time to devote to reading for just about anyone, and as for the youths, film and TV have replaced the novel as a source of entertainment.

And yet time means money

But with novel writing software even learners may easily gain experience how to write a novel and learn how good fiction is structured, by simply following the clearly laid path that novel software dictates. For all that, writing a book still demands lots of effort and time on your behalf, but as any writing tutor would argue the toughest part of writing a book lies in knowing how to start it– and then to keep it going!. Studying the best novels in your chosen genre is still the best way to go but if you start out knowing what to look out for you can reduce the time needed to learn the craft by a wide margin.

A shorter learning curve, a faster path to getting published sooner

When you follow the template given to you by the software you have the very reassuring sense that your story will be founded on firm ground – and therefore guaranteed to work, other factors being equal. And for the new novelist this factor by itself is terribly important. How may people can afford the time or the expense of a creative writing course? Or a personal tutor? These days even getting a good critic from among your friends isn’t easy: everybody is so busy. But a good novel writer’s software tool can fill in for a tutor or creative writing assistant of sorts.

You get to learn from the masters, past or present

In the past and even today,…

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