Would your business benefit from doing business with a wholesaler?

Are you a small business owner? Did you know that you can trade with wholesalers? Wholesalers that only want to trade with the big boys are actually a minority rather than the rule. You dont even need to run a shop or large office, most wholesalers and some buying groups are happy to sell to sole traders.

Many wholesalers dont actually ask for evidence that you are trade, but if you are dealing with one that does it isnt necessarily a problem. If you have a copy of your business bank account statement or an invoice in your company name from another supplier that is great, but a simple business card will often suffice.

Most wholesalers define themselves as trade only for the discounts from manufacturers and for tax benefits. So dont think it means that you need to have a limited company to trade with them. A large minimum order value will give away those wholesalers that do want to deal with large firms. Minimum order values with most wholesalers tend to be around the £50 – £100 mark, if they even have one.

There are less differences than you probably think between wholesalers and retailers.  They both want to sell to you, so most wholesalers wont make the process of dealing with them too difficult. The real difference that you will notice is the amount of money you save when you deal wholesale.

So why can a wholesaler save you money? Well the simple answer is because of economies of scale.  You would also typically buy in more volume from a wholesaler. In many ways the advantages are similar to buying groups who can make you even larger savings.

So what do you do if your first experience with a wholesaler is a frustrating one? What if the proof of trade status you are able to provide isnt acceptable to them? Well they are mostly like one of the few wholesalers that does only want to deal with large and well established businesses.Dont let it put you off and there are many wholesalers out there that do want your business!

Getting a trade card will also make it easier to deal with more wholesalers. It is not uncommon for a wholesaler to insist that you have their trade card in order to buy from them. This is usually free and again you will find that simple proof like a business card or letter headed paper is acceptable. The card will help you to build relationships with other wholesalers though. This proves to them that one of their competitors has already vetted you and accepted you as a customer. Dont be put off from applying from these cards as…

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