World’s Top Culinary Tourism Operators Converge On Montreal For Renowned Food Tourism Conference’s Third Annual Gathering

Food tourism is the fastest growing sector in travel and an industry specific conference in Montreal will focus on this thriving niche at the upcoming Global Food Tourism Conference (GFTC). Culinary and tourism leaders from across the world will convene in Montreal between October 15-17 for two full days of discussion, networking, analysis and celebration at Center Phi, with three nights of special events showcasing several local food institutions.

The conference is the only conference with a primary focus on the food tourism industry, the conference is expected to draw over 150 attendees alongside more than 15 industry and out-of-industry experts, speakers and panelists to Montreal Attendees will include food tour operators, culinary professionals, ticketing platforms, food bloggers and other business owners.

According to a recent Skift and Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance report, the food and culinary tourism sector saw tourists spend an estimated $201 billion on food services in the U.S. alone in 2012, nearly a quarter of all travel income. Culinary travel experiences are now the most popular method for driving tourism business. In 2016, food tourism continued to evolve and expand around the rise of spirits, craft beers and other alcoholic drink categories. Food is now in many cases the reason for a journey or experience, and if recent reports are correct, food will stay in focus for tourists and grow in the interests of locals. “Food tourism is gaining incredible momentum and helping cities of all sizes prosper globally. Tourists now travel looking for authentic experiences and connections with the surrounding community and food experiences are the perfect way to do so, which is evident in our host city of Montreal,” said Shane Kost, Director of Global Food Tourism and CEO of Chicago Food Planet Tours. “But for this industry to continue to grow, tour operators have to learn from one another, challenge each other to continually become better and be determined to learn from the successes of other industries.”

Global Food Tourism connects individuals in food tourism to help facilitate the evolving trends and opportunities these businesses face and bring like-minded people together in a global city where culinary tourism is already thriving. The conference showcases a local food tourism…

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