World’s Best Foot Controller, The smaQQtalk PIVOT Launches on Kickstarter


The smaQQtalk PIVOT is an affordable foot controller that wirelessly connects to any PC or Mac computer system. Ideal for gamers, hobbyists and professionals alike, it’s designed to translate foot gestures into keystrokes for use in any computer application. To start using the PIVOT you simply plug in the wireless USB adapter and run the utility app that maps foot gestures to any keystroke of your choice.

Ben Cooper, Co-Founder at Pivot Technologies, explains: “The mainstream computer user is eager to experience the extra immersion and fun a foot controller can provide to any game or application. We’ve designed the PIVOT to provide a whole new level of gaming enjoyment while keeping it comfortable and affordable. For the first time, there is a fun way to ‘put your feet in the fight!’ After more than a year in development and a patent currently pending, we can’t wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and have them help nurture this unique technology with us.”

The smaQQtalk PIVOT is uniquely designed to be comfortable even after hours of continuous use. With the ball of your foot on the non-slip rubber pad, you can rest the entire weight of your leg on the PIVOT and the rubber pad will still rotate freely. The PIVOT also includes an adjustable foot strap that attaches to the sides of the PIVOT with powerful magnets. This allows you to adjust your sitting position without having to reach under your desk to reposition the PIVOT.

“Comfort was key to the design of the PIVOT. Similarly, it’s very lightweight and portable,” explains Co-Founder Doug Bates. “We have created a way to make the PIVOT ultra-affordable while keeping comfort, reliability and accessibility in mind. Moving gaming functions from your hands to your feet creates many opportunities for…

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