Work Life Balances Heading To Apps

Psychologists are affluent, tabloids are fabricated and occasionally the in-laws simply get bothersome to the point you want to vomit. Finally, after many years of tinkering with various tests to help the human psyche become more astute, the Know Yourself app was introduced to the iTunes marketplace to assist people like you to learn more about yourself simply by answering a few basic questions sequentially about various topics you take an interest in. Yes, life assistance has finally gone mobile, too.

Through your answers you’ll be able to learn more about yourself and perhaps understand why your neighbor’s water hose pisses you off to no end as it lays innocently on their lawn. Or for those professionals concerned about their lives, work life balance programs can be achieved with striking ease.

Know Yourself

Developed by the Pente Group as an entertaining application for all ages, Know Yourself has swept the world as an excellent way to learn key pieces of information about your likes and dislikes. Once you enter simple pieces of information into this application relevant to interests, the program performs its magic and gives you similar interests you may consider to correlate with what you already love.

It’s really a nifty little application for those who get bored easily and love to tap into the human mind a little deeper than others. The Montreal-based Pente Group develops many other similar applications to complement their software offerings. It does nicely when those with little time for shrink evaluations or long career coach visits need to establish life order with Android or iTunes assistance.

The Results Arrive

Once you have received your intriguing results from this application, you have the option of either sharing through your email or even post the results on your Facebook wall. Never before has self-doctoring been more fun, especially when it comes to our personal interests. The application is available in several languages to boost usability in other…

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