Words of Motivation: What Is Your Dream?

Many Hollywood films contain words of motivation and ‘Pretty Woman’ is no exception. Indeed, the tone of the whole movie is set right at the beginning when a man crosses the road and shouts ‘What is your dream? What is your dream? This is Hollywood, everyone has a dream.’ The truth is however that dreams are not just restricted to Hollywood – no matter where they are, everyone has a dream.

But these are not just my words of motivation: this is reality. Every one of us has a dream, something they would love to have, something that would improve life immeasurably, and something that would give fulfillment. I believe we all need a reason to live, a desire or a purpose that will drive us to move forward. I have already discovered that a strong dream gives me the inspiration to overcome my fears and improve my life.


But of course you will probably be reading this and thinking ‘Dreams are silly and I don’t need them. Give me some concrete words of motivation that will find me a solution to my problems.’ How do I know you are saying this? Because I did too.


Go back a few years; as a child, did you ever have posters on your bedroom wall?  What did they show? Were they of things you wished you could have? You had dreams then: where are they now?


It may well be that you have already achieved your dreams. If so, that is great and you should be proud. But you need to have dreams now to give you purpose now. What do you want now?


In 2002, the author Margaret Deland said, “One must desire something to be alive.”


If you stop and think for a while you will see that dreams are all around us; for example, every parent dreams of their children growing up and doing great things. But all that we see around us was also once a dream. Every building was a dream to someone, every book was a dream, every athlete dreams of winning the Olympics or becoming a world champion, every factory worker dreams of lying on a beach somewhere and the many dating websites and…

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