‘Womb raider’ disabled victim so she couldn’t move: prosecutors

A Bronx woman methodically butchered a pregnant bride on her wedding day​ — ​disabling her so she couldn’t move or scream and then ​cutting out​​ her unborn child ​— ​after ​luring the unsuspecting woman to her apartment with the promise of a gift, prosecutors said​ Monday.

Patrick Bradley

Angelikque Sutton was on her way to marry Patrick Bradley​ at the courthouse when she stopped by the home of childhood acquaintance Ashleigh Wade. But Wade already had a grisly plan afoot — calculated to kill her friend, but keep her unborn child alive, Bronx prosecutors said in openings statements.

“This was an attack that took place in stages,” Assistant Bronx DA Meredith Holtzman told the jury as Wade, who had feigned pregnancy in the months prior to the grisly excavation, looked on blankly.

“The defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s larynx​ ​— her voice box,” Holtzman described. “Ms. Sutton could not scream, could not say a word. She cut her major blood vessels.

“What the defendant did to her next is almost unspeakable,” the prosecutor said. “Because after she had rendered Ms. Sutton unable to scream, unable to move, the defendant took a kitchen paring knife and sliced Ms. Sutton’s abdomen open at the bottom half.

“Once she had cut Ms. Sutton’s abdomen open, the defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s uterus entirely out. She cut that uterus open, took baby Jenasis out, and discarded that uterus on the bathroom floor.”

Jurors in the first-degree murder trial were also shown saw stomach-churning photos of the blood-drenched scene and Sutton’s mangled remains — including a shot of the solitary, deflated uterus laying on the bathroom tile.

Incredibly, the now-22-month-old tot survived — which the prosecutor called “proof of the calculation and precision of the attack.”

Jenasis BradleyFacebook

“The defendant needed for Ms. Sutton to die, and she needed for Jenasis to live,” Holtzman said. “She had baby clothes, baby shoes, diapers, formula, a crib, everything that an expectant mother would need, except a baby. She didn’t have a baby. For that she needed Angelikque Sutton.”

Defense attorney Amy Attias suggested that her client, who faces life without the possibility of parole if convicted, did not “intentionally” kill Sutton, saying “something could have gone horribly and terribly and tragically wrong within Ms. Wade’s own mind.”

​Bradley sat in the gallery ​listening to the grisly details of…

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