Woman found dead after Tinder date, FBI claims foul play Video

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Transcript for Woman found dead after Tinder date

Now there that dating at mystery police finding a body they believed to be a young woman who went missing after a tender date may mean now two people. Our emphasis is such a tragic and sad story one of the two people who are now in police custody is the young woman who met Sydney on Tinder the other woman. The other is that woman’s roommate in much older man who prosecutors call a habitual criminal. The last time family and friends saw a 24 year old Sydney Louvre was in this snapped chat as she was preparing for a second date with the woman she met on tender just like so many others the popular dating app leading to one million date so weak move seen smiling in the photo on November 15 writing ready for my date before vanishing. Now her date 23 year old Billy Boswell and 51 year old Aubrey trail being called purses it interest by Nebraska police. I their own statements. On social media we believe that Autry trail and Bailey Boswell were two of the last people who have known to bend with Sidney. Prior to hurt disappear. It’s the search for aloof beginning when she missed a shift at the home improvement store where she worked. Her worried family pleading for help. Someone knows something. Please please do the right thing. Thank you. Police in the FBI beginning their search combing through digital evidence and looking for Boswell and trail who allegedly left town after Sydney’s disappearance. We spent the last few days or ourselves. And crew. Acres. Or Saturday. The two posting this now deleted video to social media this we Vera. Buckles saying in the video that she drop Sydney off after their date. Yes minotaur rocket French island sound. A bit so I get from an undercurrent I mean I haven’t heard from angst. That they are now in police custody reportedly being held on a federal person of interest warrant in the disappearance of live and Tuesday twenty days after she vanished. Digital clues leading authorities to what they believed to beat loose body we do believe that there is. Evidence of foul play Sydney lose family reacting to the news on FaceBook saying may god grant eternal rest unto. Her friends telling us she was careful when using the dating app…

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