WOLFF Industries Scissors to be Featured on “America’s Business to Consumers Inc.”

WOLFF Industries

If every American purchase one USA made product per year the impact would be $9 billion. That creates an amazing amount of jobs for U.S. Citizens!

America’s Business to Consumers Inc. http://www.USAB2C.com is providing U.S. manufacturers the venue to sell products. Given a choice between items made in America and similar items made overseas, consumers would rather buy the American product, according to a nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Made in USA products run the gamut from Maple Landmark Toys, to Bully Tools / QPI Tools, homegoods, towels, outdoor & camping, kitchen gear, lighting, knives and kids furniture in time for holiday shopping needs.

This month, WOLFF Industries are featured.

Specializing in stainless steel shears with edges sharper than can be obtained elsewhere, Mr. Lee Wolff started this sewing machine sales and service business in 1957. Mr. Lee did a great deal of scissors sharpening and repair, making important modifications on the available scissors sharpening equipment. Consumer Reports rates the American scissors designed and produced by Mr. Lee Wolff as a “best buy.”

These stainless steel shears are great for the kitchen drawer and are handy for cutting soft metal, and vinyl items. Each pair has a professionally honed edge and is manufactured in the USA. USAB2C CEO John Anayannis shares: “I purchased five of these shears last Christmas and received inquisitive looks from my mother and sisters. I was pleasantly surprised over subsequent months to receive many thanks and praise for these powerful 7 ½” shears particularly when cutting those impossible to open, clear plastic semi-rigid packages containing batteries, tools, etc.”

At $22.95, these are high-quality stainless steel utility shears with a high leverage cut.



Chief Operations Officer George P. Hanos recently relayed, “USAB2C is a modern day marketplace in the tradition of the ancient Greek ‘Agora’; a virtual channel where consumers and American manufacturers come together to exchange ideas, concerns and conduct business. On USAB2C.com, customers can browse an online catalog and order products…

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