NEW YORK (AP) — Ever wanted to be the WNBA president for a day? Here’s your chance.

FanDuel is offering a free tournament next week and the winner will get to tour the WNBA offices with President Lisa Borders. The winner will also get a photo with the WNBA trophy and have lunch with a legend of the league, among other prizes.

“It was an idea that was jointly developed by WNBA and FanDuel,” Borders wrote in an email to The Associated Press. “We have a great partnership, and wanted to come up with a truly unique idea that fans would be excited about.”

The WNBA has done pretty well on the daily fantasy site, bringing new fans to the sport. As of early Thursday night there were nearly 17,000 people in the WNBA President for a Day contest. Count Travis Mangone as one of those entered and also a new fan of the league. The longtime daily fantasy player is also an analyst and columnist for the website RotoGrinders. He writes about the WNBA and ordered League Pass for the first time this year after occasionally watching games in the past. He loved the idea of the new contest.

“It’s fun. I said to my friend, the one thing I would do (if I was president) would be to try to make an impact on one thing that would be fantasy-related,” Mangone said. “I would want to make sure lineups and news are out ahead of time.”

While making policy decisions isn’t part of the winner’s prize, Mangone would definitely discuss it with Borders if he won.

As of right now, WNBA lineups are due 10 minutes before the opening tip. Not all 12 teams tweet out their lineups, making it difficult for fantasy players to know who’s starting sometimes. Also as of right now, there is no rule — just a guideline — on injuries. Teams aren’t required to release injury information until the game starts.

“It’s the most frustrating thing for fantasy players, not getting injury…