Witty Health Inc. Announces the Initiation of Development of First-Ever Digital Immuno-Oncology Product for Treating Multiple Cancers

Cancer Treatment Platform

Witty Health is adopting a unique clinical strategy by combining the therapeutic effects of Immunotherapy with the data analytical capabilities of software and machine learning tools to improve the Quality of Life (QoL) and outcomes

Witty Health Inc., a technology company focused on improving cancer care, today announced the initiation of clinical development of first-ever Digital Immuno-Oncology Product for treating multiple types of cancers with Checkpoint inhibitors.

Witty Health’s digital therapeutic is custom built for a specific drug based on drug’s toxicity profile and the type and stage of cancer. They help monitor drugs’ toxicity and patients’ vitals in real-time to improve patient’s Quality of Life (QoL) and potential outcomes associated with the drug.

“We are excited to initiate development of first of its kind digital Immuno-Oncology product,” said Co-Founder Ram Sesha. “Witty Health’s Cancer Treatment Platform (CTP™) is designed to custom develop value-based pharmaceutical products for oncologic unmet needs. We are applying software and machine learning tools to Checkpoint Inhibitors for improving cancer care which will enable Witty Health to address a large and fast-growing immune-oncology market. Our development is in frequent collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

“The Checkpoint Cancer Treatment Platform (CCTP™) is designed to improve outcomes associated with all the five checkpoint inhibitors-Opdivo™, Keytruda®, Imfinzi™, Tecentriq® and Bavencio™ with suitable customization. The current cancer treatment model does not monitor a patient’s condition between office visits and it is not working and we believe our products can significantly reduce preventable health care costs by reducing ER visits and hospitalizations due to symptom exacerbations as well,” said Dr. Karthik Koduru, the Chief Oncologist of Witty Health.

“It is a unique clinical strategy to combine the therapeutic effects of Immuno-Oncology drugs with the monitoring and analytical capabilities of software and machine learning tools to improve the Quality of Life (QoL) and outcomes’ said Dr. Muhammad Omer Jamil, MD, a Medical Oncologist and…

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