With Traditional Strong Features, a Used Subaru Forester can be a Compelling Buy

Many people are smart enough not to throw their money on car depreciation just for the new car smell. They buy a high-quality used car instead.

This is certainly a smart move. A new car depreciates close to 70 per cent in a year, and at best will retain just 60 per cent of its value after three years.

When you buy a pre-owned car, in addition to lower purchase price, lower registration, and license fees, you will also benefit from lower depreciation as the previous owner has already absorbed the steepest component of the pre-owned car’s depreciation cost.

If you are convinced about this argument to buy a pre-owned car, purchasing a used Subaru Forester can be a brilliant choice.

Among the pre-owned models, a third generation Subaru Forester, which made its debut in 2009, with  bigger and roomier build than previous Foresters, is a good buy if one can get hold of it at a bargain price.

By a broad consensus this compact crossover SUV is bigger and more elegant than its previous models.

Forester is a good choice for people who want to buy a vehicle that looks like an SUV, drives a like a car, and has security features of an All-Wheel Drive.

The car is comfortable driving over bumps and has accurate steering to bring about a refined driving experience.

Thankfully, the designers did not go overboard to make the Forester much bigger than its previous models. The wheel base has been stretched a bit from 99.4 inches to 100 inches and the overall length is notched up just a few inches more.

The power horse is the good old 2.5 liter, four cylinder boxer engine that pumps power at 170 horsepower at 4400 rpm. With ample space and good handling a used Subaru Forester is surely a bargain for pre-owned car buyers.

Typically, for people who are not too keen to have the tag of “new” on their cars and look for value for money will find a used car that’s both functional and trendy.

A used Subaru Forester 2012 model or 2012 Subaru Legacy if available can be bargain deals.

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