With the Onset of Summer, MaintenX International Gives Local Businesses Tips on Closed, Dark Stores

When a retail store goes out of business, the facility maintenance industry considers the location a “dark store.” Even though business is no longer open, it’s important to maintain the property, especially during summer months.

“Maintaining a dark, closed store is extremely important for any business,” said Mary Ann Velez, MaintenX’s Director of National Service. “A dark storefront can quickly become an eyesore if not maintained properly, which can lead to a violation from the city or a ticket from local authorities. In addition, you want to ensure your location is presentable for potential tenants, making it a stronger sell.”

For more than 30 years, MaintenX and its network of highly trained professionals have served as a one-stop-shop for local businesses and their facility needs. Below are a few tips to help you maintain your dark store:

1.    Hold Quarterly Inspections

You’ll want to make sure everything at the closed location stays in working order. Hold quarterly inspections to make sure critical systems are still working, such as plumbing, air conditioning and electricity. This will not only stop the building from deteriorating, but it will also make the property more marketable for a sale.

2.    Make Necessary Repairs

Don’t leave repairs for future tenants. It’s important to take care of maintenance issues as soon as they happen. No potential buyer is going to want to have a laundry list of repairs to make before they can move into your space.

3.    Maintain Landscaping

The curb appeal of a location can make or break a property. Beautiful flowers, thriving trees and nicely-trimmed bushes go a long way to patrons. By maintaining proper landscaping, your dark store will look fantastic and future tenants will be eager to take the storefront off your hands.

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