With more than a dozen options, Orange’s Tustin Street is where to for second-hand shopping – Orange County Register

Just about a mile away from the heart of Old Towne Orange, a wonderland for antiques shoppers, lies a lesser-known mecca of second-hand shopping: Tustin Street.

Where the street stretches through Orange, more than a dozen thrift stores, pawn shops and other hidden treasures are in business, often overlooked by people hurrying to or from the freeway.

For folks looking to shop on a budget, or for aspiring treasure hunters, Tustin Street has a little of everything: from books, furniture and clothes to guitars, guns and swords.

Here are a few things you might be surprised to find along Orange’s second-hand street:

***A one-stop-shop for moms

A mother of six and grandmother of five, Orange resident Kathy Baker knows plenty about being a mom.

Raising many of her kids as a single mom, Baker said she hunted through thrift shops to get a lot of what was needed – and she’s turned her treasure-hunting experience into a shop to help other moms in similar positions.

Opened  in 1996, “Mother’s Secret” has grown into a one-stop shop to equip…

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