Wishfinity Marks Launch Just in Time for Summer

Kids gain buying power with Wishfinity by doing chores or modeling behaviors parents place a value on.

Wishfinity announces the public launch of its mobile application centered around getting and giving wishes. Free to download from iTunes and the Google Play store, the app provides parents and kids a platform for communicating, exchanging, and fulfilling their wishes.

Board Member Stephanie Katcher points out, “Parent wishes can be quite different from kid wishes. While a parent might wish for their child to help around the house and practice their spelling, kids can wish for a Nintendo Switch, a movie night, or a day at the amusement park.” Whatever the wish, Wishfinity is there to capture it and help users fulfill it.

Kids gain buying power with Wishfinity. They can earn funds by doing chores or modeling behaviors their parents place a value on. When they earn enough to purchase items in their wish list, kids can purchase it with a click. Products available for purchase currently are similar to those available from Walmart.com or Amazon. The company plans to expand its wish inventory based on user interests and supplier participation.

Parents can set the frequency of a wish, as well as the value, communicating to kids what’s expected, when it’s expected. This provides real weight to digital transactions, something that has long been an issue for parents in teaching kids about spending. “Long before mobile spending existed, parents struggled to help kids grasp spending and debt concepts in a way that prepared them for the future,” according to Katcher, “Wishfinity lays the groundwork early for kids to see how responsibility and accountability work together in getting what they want.”

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