WiseWear’s Vigilant Wearable Global Safety Device Powered by Ingenu’s RPMA Technology

WiseWear, a leading IoT provider of connected health and safety devices and services, and Ingenu Inc.™, the company that delivers purpose-built IoT connectivity, today announced the upcoming availability of the Vigilant™ Safety and Security Device, a personal tracking and communication solution for high-risk assets. Powered by Ingenu’s RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) network technology, Vigilant provides next-generation 9-1-1 (NG911) communication, immediately alerting emergency services, independent of cellular connectivity.

According to FBI.gov, every 123 seconds a child is kidnapped and every 43 seconds an individual suffers a heart attack. Additionally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every second of every day, a senior falls. Acting quickly is critical during these types of emergencies, and the FCC indicates that by reducing the activation and 9-1-1 response time during emergencies by merely one minute, 10,000 lives can be saved every year.

WiseWear developed Vigilant, the globally connected safety and emergency reponse device, for those moments when every second counts. Vigilant is a standalone safety device that is directly connected to the internet and emergency response dispatch centers. The modular design of the Vigilant device provides a wearable form factor which can be attached to a keychain, clip or watch. Vigilant alerts are communicated directly from the device when an individual leaves the predesignated “safe” geo-fenced area, providing GPS coordinates and messaging to a list of selected contacts. Additional settings alert NG911 services for immediate emergency response, and can be augmented with private “security-as-a-service” packages for an additional cost. Ideal for children, college students, executives, seniors, international travelers, or other high-risk individuals, the RPMA-enabled device provides better coverage, longer battery life, message encryption and cost advantages over comparable cellular solutions. The global connectivity of RPMA also ensures that the same device can operate reliably in any part of the globe without the need for additional SKUs.

“WiseWear has a history of delivering reliable health and safety solutions to consumers,” said Jerry Wilmink, founder and CEO of WiseWear. “With RPMA, we can further…

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