Wireless Advanced Roaming Software from Intelligraphics Helps Move Industry 4.0 Initiatives Forward

Intelligent, Connected, Secure

By harnessing the power of Intelligraphics’ software, enterprises gain an essential piece of the Wi-Fi ecosystem so they can reliably communicate, analyze, and use information to drive intelligent action into their processes

Wireless Devices are a Crucial Component of Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Industry 4.0 is founded on the premise that connected and smart technologies can interoperate and revolutionize industrial and manufacturing production. It encompasses the rise of the next industrial revolution, the fourth such transformation in the history of manufacturing. One of the most important elements of Industry 4.0 includes 802.11 Wi-Fi IIot. This concept has gained traction throughout industrial and manufacturing operations, and embraces a wide range of connected technologies, including high-quality monitoring sensors, more reliable and powerful Wi-Fi networks, high-performance computing, and robotics.

Mobile, stationary, and wearable devices are increasingly being developed with Wi-Fi connectivity to streamline efficiencies, enable operator autonomy, and drive faster decision-making. Deployment of IIoT devices can significantly reduce labor and data entry requirements, while wireless sensors affixed to equipment or materials can feed critical information, such as energy usage, machine speed, maintenance or inventory, to mobile devices and enterprise IT systems. Having reliable, secure “always on” Wi-Fi connectivity to stream data and provide alerts is crucial.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities Present Challenges to Wireless Deployments

Deploying wireless technologies can be a significant challenge within industrial and manufacturing facilities where large amounts of radio…

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