Winners of 49th International Open Juried Exhibition are Announced

Biafarin Inc; the Canadian artist management company and Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) invite you to visit The 49th International Open Juried Exhibition. Join the opening reception and awards presentation on Thursday September 7, 2017 at 07:00-09:00 PM in Papermill Gallery, Todmodern Hills Heritage Site, Toronto, Canada.

In 49th SCA International Exhibition, the number of collaborations has risen with artists participated from various countries in Asia, Europe and North America with high profile artworks. With admiration for the creativity and inspiration demonstrated, we extend our appreciation to all participant artists and present to you the winning artists of 49th International Open Juried Exhibition.

Danielle Richard’s “Un jour en octobre” is SCA 1st Award of Excellence winner. Danielle is a passionate artist from Quebec with more than 40 years of artistic career and in a quest for sharing serenity and beauty. Her artwork reflects a moment of silence and peace, inspired by life away from tumult in “a day in October”.

The digital painting “Lullaby” by Don Bergland has won SCA 2nd Award of Excellence. Bergland is an active exhibiting artist for over 50 years and his artwork gives viewers a pause, the understanding misses what it expects and encounters what it can’t comprehend and as Emily Jaeger quoted in WTP, “Bergland’s digital images amuse and disturb; ultimately drawing the viewer into a new realm of possibility and learning”.

The Award of Merit winner is Leily Derakhshani; an artist from Toronto with almost 30-year rich experience in art. Her stylized figurative mixed media painting has a simple expression, free from obscurity and complexity where she shows her past through an artistic form and expressive language.

“Construction Season:Vancouver”; a watercolour painting by Rex Beanland; is another winner of Award of Merit. Rex is a passionate watercolourist from Vancouver that his cityscapes capture the interactions between people and the places they live and tell a compelling visual story.

Cindy Bouwers, a Canadian artist from Alberta has won Duggan SCA Canadian Landscape Award for a painting titled as “Gust and Flurry”. Theme of hope and contentment in her landscape work is an emotive combination of shape and texture that inspires viewers with an…

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