Winamp For Android – Best Music Player Avalaible

Music is usually to be the interesting stuff to listen by men and women in the entire world.Boys, girls, youngsters, teens, and the parents have their personal favorite music. Currently, there are several music players that you are able to use to tune in the music. Having more good technology right now, there are numerous good music players available for PC, laptop, tablet and for cell phone that we use everyday. However, there is one of the top apps that we’re able to use on your Android smart phone or tablet. The application called Winamp. The music player for Android Winamp is one of the top music players for Android smartphone. Winamp provides a great capability in playing music. Using this app, you don’t need to worry if you need to listen to the music using your handset or tablet.


The Features of Music Player available for Android – Winamp


Winamp for Android is similar to Winamp for PC and Laptop. You can easily connect the application for Android to PC or Laptop. There are so many feature that you will be able to use on this application like:


1. Lyrics: The app offers you with so many lyric in over 40 thousands artist and over 200.Thousand albums.


2. Album washer: You can easily get one album, and looking the hottest lyric instantly. Album Washer is also can show the cover album from the artist any time you play the song.


3. Pro Bundle: Winamp Pro Bundle lets you control and manage the music that you’d like to listen. There 10 graphics that you can use in equalizre, audio streaming and also you could change the home screen.


4. Core: and lastly is winamp Android Core. you are able to connect this function with wireless connection to enable this option. There are many options that you can use in Core for example Player Controls, Artist News, Photos, Discographies, streaming the song with complete CD listening party, and downloading the songs. 


Latest Version of Winamp for Android


The latest version of this app is Winamp 1.4.8. you are able to control the notification player for Jelly Bean, Now Playing Screen, and improving the AAC playback bug in Jelly Bean, SHOUTcash playback cash and so on.



Bottom line


Winamp could take care of you in enjoying music using your Android mobile phone or tablet. There’s a lot of feature that available for you in this app. Even so some user is whining about bug and frezze on the latest update, but overall this app is a good option for you.

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