William Shatner talks ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘Better Late Than Never’ Season 2 and latest ‘new idea’

At 86 years old, actor, singer, businessman and spokesman William Shatner shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he’s using his star power to help bring technology to people’s everyday lives.

Many know Shatner from his role as Captain James T. Kirk on the original run of “Star Trek.” Others may remember his recent gigs as a spokesman for ventures like Priceline. Now, he’s very proud to lend his face to what he calls a “new idea” in LottoGopher — a site that lets people pick their game and lotto numbers from the comfort of their own home.

Speaking to Fox News, Shatner explained how he saw companies like Netflix and Uber revolutionizing things like movie rentals and taxis and wanted to help spread the word about a new idea for something as traditional as the lottery.

“The technology of today is changing. As we speak, we’re already in a different place. Young people, and older people, are inventing new things by standing on the shoulders of giants that have come before. It’s up to us as the public and as informative people to keep abreast of that,” he said. “Everything in the next five years will have changed due to the advances of technology. What firmly held, traditional ideas will be upended?”

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