Will Web Project Management Replace Desktop Project Management Systems


Software applications that utilize the web project management approach are growing in numbers, with some authors claiming that desktop project management systems are about to fade away in the near future. Such a bold statement, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt because both desktop and web approaches toward project management systems provide evident advantages and disadvantages.

According to various reports, software vendors and developers worldwide gradually shift to more web-orientated applications that can be accessed and used via a web browser, thus not requiring installation of additional modules on the user’s computer. Such a project management application can run on a corporate server or can be deployed on third-party hardware and be accessed through an extranet. Therefore, many web project management tools are actually available as intranet and extranet software applications, allowing for the use of two security models within the framework of a single application.

The use of corporate IT security best practices is growing in importance and so are the efforts of software developers worldwide to improve the security of web-based and web-running project management tools. Security is considered a major concern preventing business customers from switching to web-based tools, in addition to obvious disadvantages like the inability to access the system if the server or workstation is offline, and dependence of high-speed Internet to work smoothly with large volumes of data used in some project and program management systems.

In fact, the advantages of web project management tools exceed the number of disadvantages including better control options and easier support, to name a few that are related to software security and support. Web project management applications are designed for multiple users and evolved to a stage where it is widely expected that a project management system allows for multiple users to work simultaneously on projects while some of those users are working remotely. That being said, and adding the major advantage of utilizing a centralized data repository, which is used by all web project management tools, it is quite obvious why web project management software is gaining popularity among both personal and business users.

Furthermore, web applications evolved to a phase where the majority of the reliable products rely on an integrated approach toward project and program management, resulting in software applications…

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