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Transcript for Wildfires continue to sweep across Southern California

I’m rob Marciano on east LA county here at the creek fire which it was explosive yesterday. Growing to over 111000 acres in just a matter of hours that damaged on here in this neighborhood this morning. We’re seeing the winds die down as forecast little bit but we’ll pick back up later on today all that’s left of the hole behind me obviously. Is this is port ago the the fire being blown by winds 6070 up to eighty miles an hour. Obviously doing a number on his home once you three. Almost four homes on this street here. I’m basically obliterated by by this fire and we’ve got. Water pipes had been ruptured. And for the life of Munich and figure out fine where this shut off valve is the firefighters’ charities. Or they’re trying to trying to. Find that out as well sun coming up now. Firefighters some which we saw try to get a little that are rats when a chaotic. 36 hours it was yesterday. As. Between this fire there I’ve fired Thomas why are you talking about a growth in some cases of 55 acres per minute. That’s like. As an almost an acre perspective and a football field for second it’s just incredible. So here’s another another home another ruptured a water main. White that’s spewing water out obviously it’s painful for firefighters CNET they need every ounce of what they can’t to fight this fire. This home completely on. And part of this vehicle obviously. Torch as well you see just how random the stores OK the house right next door. All down the rest of the street virtually untouched so. When the fires at its worst the hot embers are thrown up into the air and carried you know for yards block sometimes miles and by reports by bad fortune get thrown down on 1000 hours on the ground we still have bought 2700 homes. That are back unit with this with this fire and zero containment at last check. The fire certainly is going overnight but it’s not quite as active as it was yesterday Santa Ana winds are expected pick up. Later on tonight into tomorrow morning looks like the senate might be as bad if not worse than it was when this whole event got started. And the winds will probably continue in some degree into the first half the weekend. No…

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