Why Upgrade to Automation Machines Such as Vibratory Feeders

Automation is the buzzword in today’s industrial scenario. It has become important to reduce dependence on manual labor because it not only consumes more time, but is also expensive in the long run. Automation machines, on the other hand, can help enterprises save millions of dollars in the long term and get work done much faster. In the industrial assembly and packaging sector, bowl feeders are an integral aspect of an automation system that relies on machines to efficiently execute the task at hand.

Operational overview

In this article, we shall discuss the uses and importance of vibratory feeders. The primary role of these machines is to orient and feed components into an assembly line or a packaging operation. The parts are oriented with the help of a specially-designed vibratory bowl, the speed of which can be controlled by the operator.

The parts are placed in a bowl, and as the bowl vibrates, the parts steadily move out of the bowl and onto an inclined track attached with the bowl. The path is inclined at a specified angle so as to allow a smooth flow of the components along the circular track. It is the tooling on this inclined track that does the actual work of sorting and orienting the parts in the desired order.

Usage and applications

You will notice that these automation machines are widely used in any operation that requires a steady and consistent flow of parts into an operation. Thus, it is widely used for supplying screws in an electronics assembly. They might also be used for applications such as machining, printing, and packaging.

In larger set ups, it is not uncommon to find these bowl feeders being integrated with parts handling equipment. This requirement can be easily fulfilled by supplementing the performance of the vibratory feeder with attachments such as gravity and power tracks, positioning devices, floor stands, supply hoppers, floor stands, tables, and so on.

The profit quotient

It is safe to say that investing in automation machines such as vibratory feeders can add to the overall profitability of enterprises. In an age where labor costs are rapidly rising and labor management issues have become frequent, enterprises need to consider falling back on automation. The global ecosystem has become highly competitive, and high labor costs can take away from the competitive edge of an enterprise.

Problems such as human error can be reduced by investing in automation machines. Automation can reduce one’s dependence on…

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