Why the Pike Place Market will always have a place in our hearts

Here’s what some of you said about your connection with the Pike Place Market as it turns 110.

We asked for your comments about Pike Place Market — whether you’re a regular or only visit when showing it off to out-of-town visitors — and did you respond.

The Market draws deep emotions in Seattleites.

The Market on Thursday is holding a grand opening of a $74 million addition on its northern side, on what used to be a ¾-acre parking lot.

What follows are excerpts from your responses, some augmented by follow-up interviews:


“When I was a young girl during the 1970s, my parents didn’t have much money so our Friday night fun often involved a drive downtown to eat out at a Chinese restaurant followed by a trip to the Pike Place Market.

“One evening I remember walking hand-in-hand through the Market after dark with my 6-foot-7 father feeling safe among the throngs of people. He patiently waited as I rummaged through the second-hand treasures on display. That night I found a little black purse that I loved — my first Pike Place find.

“When it was time to graduate from high school, the special garland I wore on my head was purchased at the Market. Some years passed and in 1991 I married and moved abroad to be with my European husband.

“I have been to many outdoor markets through my travels both in the States and in Europe, but nothing quite compares with the Pike Place Market. The hustle and bustle and the anticipation of finding a unique treasure as well as the smells and sounds that permeate the Market make it an exciting landmark to visit.”

— Deanna Garrison Kinnari, Sola, Norway



“I was born and raised here and am 59 years old. I love the city of Seattle and what it has brought to my life. So of course as I get older my view of the ‘direction’ that the city…

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