Why Text Link Ads Perform Better

With the present day cut-throat competition for Link popularity and link reputation, the purchase of text links is revolutionizing search engine optimization. Any layman can easily find out that all top ranking sites gain their rankings through text link ads. These text links, though small and seemingly insignificant, are in fact very powerful.

1. Simple Installation: Registration and Installation is just a child’s play with Test Link Ads. After the quick approval, simply download the plugin from the link site. The best part is that you can manually approve them by visiting the Link Ads site. Unlike other methods, the rejection rate is minuscule.

2. Personalised Ads: You have full control over the looks and position of your ads. You can choose your ads in text or as a widget. Text link ads need less expertise and even an internet newbie can design a text link ad.

3. Fast Payout: The payment is sure to reach you in the beginning of every month, without fail. There is no minimum limit. You will be paid the amount you deserve, however less it is, via PayPal, check, Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard, or a TLA voucher.

4. Space Efficiency: Text link ads provide maximum information about the topics in less ad space.

5. High Conversion Rate: Text link ads are not only cost effective but also tends to higher conversion rates because if a reader is reading and then clicking on an ads then he is possibly going to buy a product or the service being advertised.

6. Easy Calculation: Unlike other Advertisement method, which generally concentrates too much on CPC (Cost Per Click), Text-Link-Ads charges flat rates only, on month-to-month basis. It leads to fewer headaches in calculating the monthly income.

7. Compatibility with other Ads: Text Link Ads can be placed alongside other ad networks, with the caveat that Text Link Ads must be the only provider of static HTML advertisements on your blog or website.

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