Why pursue a Microsoft certification?

Microsoft as the creator of Windows OS is a world wide brand in the field of Information and Technology and has been titled the world’s largest software maker. It develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. It’s most hot selling software would be the Windows operating system which runs most of the personal computers at home as well at workplaces. Not to forget that MS office suite is responsible for shifting from the creation and maintenance of documents from manual to the electronic mode.

Microsoft certifications are popular among those who want to work on Microsoft technologies or are already engaged in a job using these technologies. These certifications have five categories – server, desktop, office, database and developer. The selection of a certification varies depending on individual skill and knowledge requirements. These certifications are based on real life scenarios and a person pursuing such certifications gains more knowledge during the duration of the course to deal with different problems that might arise on a day to day basis. Hence, it results in savings in terms of money and efforts. The Microsoft logo which authenticates that a person is a Microsoft certified professional can be used in their resumes to attract attention of the recruiter. It also provides access to the Microsoft community where a candidate is given an opportunity to interact with other certified professionals. This encourages sharing of updated tips, ideas and knowledge. If you see from an employer’s point of view, Microsoft certifications help to build a rapport between the company and the client by assuring that the engineers working on a client’s project are Microsoft certified. However, not all Microsoft certified engineers are good, but still the brand name gives an assurance to the client in terms of quality of work being offered to them.

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