Why not just avoid the self torture?

It was a sunny day in April, after three hours of battle with Mrs Victoria Fudella, our Ukrainian Pediatrics Lecturer whom I could describe as the most difficult Lecturer I have ever come across in my whole academic Life.


Felix, Kingsley and I decided to cool our heads under the shade not too far from Flamingo-the best fast food joint around the hostel. Felix has been suffering some heartbreak from his Lady Patience, while he was narrating his predicaments to us and how she has been cheating on him. He wasn’t half way into his story when Kingsley sighted a Lady sobbing about twenty yards from the spot we were cooling. He tapped me pulling my attention from Felix. Look! Is that not Krishanti? I paused for a second to recollect her. Amongst all the ladies I have known in the Campus, I have developed an exceptional attraction for her, she has this distinct figure that could make you spot her even in the dark, her height could easily be described as that of a model, light in complexion, long legs like that of a gazelle, a true Indian-damsel and a complete reflexion of the Bollywood models I crush after when watching the bollywood movies in my adolescent age. Her attributes to me are just as perfect as a man could desire.


I have always longed for an opportunity to get along with her, so I decided to capitalize on this one. Finally I summoned courage and walked up to her. Hey! What’s wrong with you? She lifted her head up with much stress as if a bag of cement was pulling it back; her lovely eyes filled with tears only made me loved her more. She busted into more tears, I had no option than to immediately reach to her hand which felt like that of a newly born child. I reached out for my pocket and brought put a white handkerchief which I used in cleaning the tears off her face.


It took me time to get her talking but all she could say was Life wasn’t fair to her. Instead, more questions rushed out of my mouth but all efforts to get her talking were to no…

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