Why More and More Businesses Choose IP PBX

Astute business owners are always looking for ways to save money, time and energy. And many of today’s businesses are choosing the same route: switching from a legacy-based system and moving to the cloud.

From 2011 to 2012, revenues generated by voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) providers grew by nine percent to $63 billion, according to Infonetics Research. That number’s projected to shoot up to $82.7 billion by 2017.

So why all the sudden interest? The IP telephony model supports voice, video and messaging services through an Internet connection alone rather than in addition to a traditional phone line. Business owners are quickly learning there isn’t really a reason to pay for separate solutions from separate vendors when you can consolidate. In addition to carrying a cheaper price tag, these kinds of multi-faceted solutions offer impressive versatility to which traditional systems don’t have the capacity to deliver.

It’s hard to understand why businesses still employ traditional phone lines with all of the benefits IP PBX systems have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of them:

• It’s all one network: Logic tells us the simplest solution is the one that should be considered. So why have two networks when you can have one?

• It’s cheaper in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX: The initial expense of getting a new in-house server alone is a reason to choose to go the cloud route. But you’ll notice savings over time too, because you won’t have to pay for IT staff to maintain and upgrade equipment.

• It’s more cost-effective long distance calling: You’re using the Internet to make a phone call. Not a traditional phone line. Call across the country or call overseas for a fraction of what you’re used to paying in the past. Do you have branch offices? You’ll be connected to the same network and can make calls between them for free.

• It’s easy to add, subtract and move phones: Expanding staff or re-arranging seating by department…

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