Why Leading Experts Are Turning to Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

When you don’t seem to shed pounds even if you follow a workout routine and strict diet, you might need to add something else to your approach to weight loss. Hypnosis weight loss might be the thing you need to finally say goodbye to unwanted fat.


How does it help?


First of all, weight gain is connected to your state of mind more than you might think. You see, stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain because it can make your cells less sensitive to insulin and elevate your cortisol levels, which significantly decreases your metabolism. It will also make you crave for unnecessary food, in which it will lead to an excessive calorie intake. Hypnotherapy eliminates these problems because it generally alleviates stress. Furthermore, it can help you deal with your bad eating habits by turning them into positive ones.


Why do experts turn to it?


Studies have proven that after a few weeks’ time of hypnotherapy, patients lost about 6 – 30 pounds due to the lifestyle change. Though there are still sceptics about this, there is no denying that it has little or no positive effect on people. This simply means that experts turned to this form of psychotherapy because of its efficacy.


What are its limitations?


Although it is an effective tool for weight loss, the combination of hypnotherapy and physical activity is recommended. You should regard hypnotherapy as a complementary tool to losing weight. Consider its effects as gradual rather than drastic and instantaneous.


Are there other kinds of weight-related hypnotherapy?


To answer that question: yes, there are. A powerful tool to prevent gaining weight is the hypnotic gastric band. Its effects are basically the same as when you get a gastric band, but this one is preferred to the traditional one because there is no need to undergo any surgical procedure. Simply put, you’ll think that you have a gastric band restricting your stomach even though there…

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