Why Karma Does NOT Exist

There is nothing so interesting as toppling icons and the windmill I want to tilt at today is Karma.

Karma is the “cosmic bitch slap” born of the belief that all of the universe is cause and effect.

Another factor that influences people to believe in Karma is they find it almost impossible to justify why bad things happen to good people and why bad people seem to be the ones who get rich, get laid and get even.

Add to the mix an upbringing of fear and guilt and just about anyone will find themselves longing for a universe in which karma is the rule like it were a life raft for our sanity.

The fact is that with all of that behind us Karma is the glue we use to not go crazy and admit what seems to obvious:

* Some people do get away with murder.

* Some children suffer for no reason.

* The guys who go after what they want, sometimes at the cost of others, often are the ones who get rich, get laid and get even.

As an exercise in mental flexibility (and some would say blasphemy) let’s examine the Karma Myth with a very critical eye. If this makes you too uncomfortable you’re encouraged to stop reading ant try to forget anything that is written here.

Argument 1 – Time

Among the questions I want to pose are “Is ALL the universe limited to cause and effect?”

The answer on one level is yes. On another level the answer is not so clear. Why? Because cause and effect is a result of the awareness of time (i.e., cause is followed by effect) and none of that can make sense when time is removed from the equation.

A clearer picture of this argument emerges when we recognize that time itself is perceived only by the nervous system and the nervous system is a result of having a body. Absent of the body and nervous system there is no ability to perceive time. Without time there is no more cause and effect and

it is possible to experience everything as a single event.

On this “higher” perception absent the creation of time and therefore cause and effect and the concept of Karma is completely…

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