Why it is necessary to read both fiction and non- fiction books

Books have the strange ability of picking a person up from poverty, making him knowledgeable and making him the richest. The immense knowledge that we gain by studying the pages of books is beyond explanation. Just as we intake food to gain energy; in the same way we take knowledge to feed and develop our brain. Hence, they act as supplements to strengthen our brains.

Not all books are read for studying, some of them are also written with the objective of providing wholesome entertainment by weaving a story about a certain event, particular incident or a person. Those are known as the fiction books. Here, all the characters that are narrated are a result of imagination. A research done in Canada suggests that reading the fiction books creates open mindedness and improves the thought process inside children. Reading them helps a child to think logically. In the last few years there has been an increase in the number of fiction books online as today there are a large number of online book stores that have come up and specialise in selling these kinds of books.

Many schools and educational institutions are encouraging their students to read non-fiction. Reading non-fiction is not only beneficial for the kids but also to the adults or to any other person who have faced failures in life. There is a saying that ‘be a reader to be a leader’ and it is very true. The more we read, the more we gain knowledge and in today’s world it is extremely necessary to read great masterpieces. There is no particular age for reading either the fiction or non-fiction books, everyone can read them. In the past also these books have served as an inspiration to many people.

Just as fiction books are great to read, there are also a large number of non-fiction booksthat are based on real life incidents. They not only impart knowledge to the reader but also narrate some incidents that we face in everyday life. There are various kinds of genres that are included in the non- fiction category….

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