Why It Is Hard To Lose Weight Over 40

People in their twenties have very high metabolic rates. They are fitter and can do many exercises much easier without tiring. However, when these same people start to reach their forties, they might realize there energy is not quite what it used to be and it is just not as easy to do the same exercises as before. Also, you might notice that you may begin to gain weight and it becomes more difficult to lose this weight. Before you go out there begin to starve yourself and exercise every day, check out these tips to why you might not be losing and how can you change this.

When you start getting older, your metabolism and you muscle mass decreases. Muscle is one main reason you can reduce fat around the body because the more muscle you put on, the less fat your body will store. Having more lean muscle tissue also increases your metabolism. However, after a certain age this muscle begins to decrease and it becomes harder to lose fat. Also, with less muscle the metabolism decreases. You might be used to eating X amount of food on a daily bases ever since you were young. However, after a certain age your body cannot break down and utilize the calories as efficiently as much as it used to.

For people over forty, a solution to this problem is to eat more protein than what you are used to. You can buy vitamins or protein shakes that are rich in protein. Consuming enough protein slows down muscle loss and can help build more muscle than you are losing. In this case you can continue to lift weights, or do some amount of strength training. However, do not overdo it. Also you should consider eating less. Because your metabolism is lower than before, it cannot digest as much food as efficiently. This is especially true for foods that are calorically higher.

People over forty tend to be more stressed because of family and work. Stress creates more of the hormone called cortisol. An increase in cortisol slows down the metabolism. Even if you continue to eat the same amount of food, you can still continue to put on weight because of this hormone. The more stressed you are the more your metabolism will slow down and the more fat will be stored in your body. Stress is also linked to a large amount of fat being stored in the abdomen. Also, if you are stressed you might not exercise. Even if you are stressed, this should not prevent you from exercising. Sometimes all you need is a 15-minute jog. Also, if you have too much of a workload, then try to get rid of the some of…

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