Why is VLC player one of the best?

Among the top media players available in the market today, VLC player is included. There are various features of this media player which makes it the best that it is. This article will discuss a few features about the media player in detail. The make of the media player is such that it plays most of the video formats that are available on the internet. It is also designed to play DVD files like movies and music as well. Xvid files and DivX files are the two famous types of formats used in computers to display movies or video clips. The VLC media player is designed to support these two formats. It is also compatible with most of the operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac. The compatibility with Mac operating sytems should be checked as they have various versions of the operating systems and VLC might not support all of them.

Another feature of the VLC media player that makes it the best is the user friendliness. The design of the player is so simple that a tech savy person can also make use of it. It does not have extra technical applications and complications. While being so simple it also delivers powerful performance. It is at par with other media players made for commecial purposes. This was a media player designed and develped by video LAN project and the designing provides cross platform feature to it. This feature enables the media player to give the same level of performance in any operating system. This makes people to prefer VLC media player over other players.

The swiftness in use of the VLC player is provided by keyboard shortcuts for the software. For example, the volume can be controlled with the scrolling of the mouse when the volume option is selected. The same applies to the running of the music file or the movie. They can be rewinded or fastforward through the shortcuts on the keyboard. When the VLC media player is downloaded from the internet, the size of the file is small and occupies minimal access memory space. This ensures that the…

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