Why go for Linux Web Hosting?

What is Linux hosting?

Linux web hosting refers to the storage of content and scripts on a server running Linux Operating System for public access in the form of a website. When hosting a website, you can choose either a Windows account or a Linux/Unix account depending on the nature of the website structure and design. Linux is a free open source server operating system solution while Windows Server is a proprietary technology of Microsoft Corp. Furthermore, Linux was the first system hosting websites and so this extensive experience has resulted in better reliability and flexibility of the solution. An added bonus is it is one of the simplest systems to host a website on; this is because the system comes in basic form allowing for additional script installations as needed. Security is also another concern and Linux boasts some of the most advanced server security solutions available. Other advantages that Linux hosting has are:


The cost of Linux hosting is cheaper. Linux is freely provided open source shareware. The setup costs made up of the workload and software, and the pertaining license is low. This is because the software is freely shared by its developers and there are web hosting companies that will undertake the installation workload for free. Since it is shareware there are no monthly licensing fees charged for its usage. In addition, since Linux serves as the source code for most open source applications there is no cost involved in getting the scripts, widgets and other applications you intend to use on your website as all these can be downloaded for free.

Flexibility and compatibility

Second advantage is the cross compatibility of the Linux platform. While websites designed on Microsoft platforms using their proprietary technology can only be run or hosted on similar technology, Linux developed code can be run or hosted on any server. This cross compatibility ensures that moving to a different platform in terms of the server operating system is not too much of a hassle. Linux designed websites can be hosted on any server without much difficulty and will not require recoding, restructuring, or rewriting in order to function as they previously did.

Open source advantage

Thirdly, Linux operating system is an open source. This has several attached advantages; you are allowed to modify and customize the solution to suit your requirements and share the resultant solution with other users without violating any laws or paying costs….

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