Why Do Rich Becomes Richer: Give More And Recieve More

 I was browsing on how to be a successful networker and I stumble on sites who accepts written articles on all topics and I remember the motto of some rich people ‘the more you give the more you receive.’ I’m not after of the material wealth though it will help. What I want is the satisfaction of extending a helping hand to those of a little means without thinking of something in return. And I happen to be a member of a networking company, a very successful company that launches local products. I wonder on how can I ever introduce these products to the world that only local consumers can ever use.

 I stop and think for a while and all of a sudden something came up in mind ‘what if I will use this membership to help other people in my community, the less fortunate people in my town who struggle each day, with less food on their table.’ It was my hearts long time wish to reach out not only spiritually but materially as well to those people. I can perfectly well relate to their daily struggle because it was my first hand experience. We were so poor in a small town somewhere in a war torn area in Mindanao. I was nine years old the eldest of six children, our father was a soldier and very early his life was taken by rebels that leave us in the hand of our mother who has nothing to care for the rest of us. She was just a plain house wife and had no skills that could somehow use to feed her six small children. It was now a history for almost thirty-five years but somehow the event is still fresh in my mind.
Everytime I see slum areas with more poor people, it easily reminds me of how miserable my life was.

I often dream that someday I can and will help these people I just don’t know how but I know I will. There are charities out there that I’m sure can support and are willing to help but in my own way I want to experience the glorious feeling of making their heart happy because I helped them. It’s priceless when you see a family or individual who are grateful…

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