Why choose Galvanized Steel Sheet amongst other Steel Sheet

When choosing the type of Steel Sheet you need for the correct application, it is important to decide the basic properties your Steel Sheet must have in order for it to fit its application perfectly.

Galvanized Steel Sheet is the chosen product for domestic appliances, building applications, roofing, automotive parts (e.g. underbody), lighting fixtures, drums and so on. The reason why is simple: Galvanized Steel Sheet has excellent anti corrosive properties.

Galvanized Steel Sheet is produced by submerging Steel Sheet in a bath of molten zinc. Due to its high level of zinc coating, which is often preferred in 275grams/sqm for many European applications, Galvanized Steel Sheet is the first weapon of choice for manufacturing products that must be rust resistant, such as roofing, which is highly exposed to the elements.

Other Steel Sheet, such as Hot Rolled Sheet and Cold Rolled Sheet would not be a wise choice for such purposes, as it does not have any rust protection. Indeed, the base Steel Sheet for making Galvanized Steel Sheet is either Hot Rolled Steel Sheet or Cold Rolled Steel Sheet, but the hot dip galvanizing process simply must be applied to this base Steel Sheet in order for it to gain the anti corrosive properties needed.

If you take a step back and think about how many products in day to day life are created out of Galvanized Steel Sheet you’d be quite amazed. One of the easy ways to spot Galvanized Steel Sheet on an appliance or building application is to look for its trademark “Spangle”. Galvanized Steel Sheet will either be made with zero spangle, small spangle, regular spangle or big spangle.

So what is “spangle” you may ask?

Due to the hot dip galvanizing process, crystallites are produced and create an aesthetic feature known as spangle, which varies with the number of particles added for the heterogeneous nucleation and the rate of cooling in the hot dip process. The appearance you get on the Galvanized Steel Sheet are small or large patchy crystal effects.

If you take a look at the inside of a toaster or the inside of an air vent, you’ll be able to spot the tell tale sign of Galvanized Steel Sheet.

One other important use of Galvanized Steel Sheet, that must be mentioned, is its use as a base metal for further painting to be applied. A lot of manufacturers will order Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet, rather than first ordering the Steel Sheet and painting it themselves. The painting of Galvanized Steel Sheet acts as a…

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